The Mersey Gateway is a cable-stayed bridge stretching over 2,000 m from Runcorn to Widnes


Quand l'ingénierie intelligente rencontre l'expertise numérique

Depuis plus de 30 ans, nous participons à la construction de routes, de tunnels et de ponts parmi les plus complexes du Royaume-Uni. Grâce à l'utilisation de technologies modernes et de nos systèmes de travaux temporaires éprouvés, nous vous aidons à mettre en place des infrastructures qui sont construites pour durer.

Infrastructure Projects

Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - The Smithland hydroelectric power plant is equipped with 3 turbines; due to the extremely tight construction schedule, all three tubes with their constantly changing cross-sections are being realized at the same time.
Sewage plant As Samra, Jordan - With the selected PERI formwork and scaffolding systems, the construction team was able to cost-effectively fulfil all requirements in spite of the tight construction schedule. The solutions developed by PERI engineers and the local site management, along with support provided by PERI specialists, contributed to efficient and problem-free construction.
Nile river barrage Naga Hammadi, Egypt - The variable VARIO girder wall formwork, together with SKS climbing scaffold, formed large area transportable units.
Lock facilities, Panama Canal, Panama - More than 12 months after starting the development work on the Panama Canal, the dimensions and the massive structural elements are clearly visible.
Gravity dam Barrage Koudiat Acerdoune, Algeria - The 57° inclined run-off channel bottom plate and intermediate walls were constructed with concreting cycle heights of 2.40 m.
Zahid Business Park
PERI project - water retaining structures - Foz Tua Dam, Vila Real – Alijó, Portugal